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Hello everyone! My name is Petros and I'm a Greek architect, designer and blogger, proud owner of Hommie. I'm so excited being part of Anna-Rosa's guest-blogging posts, featuring an easy and minimal DIY clothing rack.

Copper is still a strong and beautiful trend in home design and decoration. I think there's something in copper's colour that makes it so elegant and stylish. My inspiration came by several DIYs I found online, using copper plumbing accessories and round wooden sticks. I really like the simplicity and the scandinavian-design feeling of these two materials, when combined.


Get round wooden sticks from your local hardware store. Calculate how many pieces you need for your DIY project in order to buy enough supplies. Hardware stores usually have wooden sticks cut in standard length, for being easily transportable. The ones I got, for example, were 3m long each.
Cut the sticks into two 125cm long pieces, two 70cm long pieces, four 20cm long pieces and six 10cm long pieces.
Connect the wooden sticks with the copper pieces, as shown in diagram.
Check if the clothing rack is straight and steady and glue all the pieces together.

Notes: Remember to check the diameter of the copper accessories. It has to be the same with the diameter of the wooden sticks. The ones I used for this DIY project were 23mm.
You can adjust the size of your clothing rack according to your needs. Change the length of the sticks marked as (b.) in the diagram, if you want it to be taller or shorter. Change the length of the sticks marked as (a.) in the diagram, to adjust its width.

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