DIY | Marbled Blue & White Rings


Yes yes! It was about time. After a whole year, with the entire blogosphere constantly blabbering about marble and everything marble-ish, I decided to give it a try. And I nailed it :) So here are a few step by step instructions on how to marble with polymer clay yourself. The photos show how I did these rings below but I also made a cute little necklace and another one not shown here because my friend Mariana took it with her to France before taking any pictures :) 

For the full tutorial continue >>>

Materials needed to make rings:
- polymer clay
- extra strong adhesive glue
- rings

How to marble:
- first work the clay in your hands until really soft and a bit warm
- then chop in really small pieces the secondary clay
- roll the basic colored clay and gather all the small pieces
- work the piece of clay in your hands until the secondary color starts to incorporate
- stop whenever you feel it is "marbled" enough

Make the ring:
- press the ball on top of the ring to give it the appropriate shap
- bake for 30' (follow the instructions on the package of your polymer clay)
- glue them :)

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