DIY: How To Transfer Images to Fabric at Home


Time to start being more active around here, don't you think? My last post was -god knows when- but I have to admit I have missed a lot DIY blogging! 
Mostly because you have an idea - you implement it - the end!

Running a handmade business (for those who don't know me I'm a jewelry designer over here) is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. As much as I love making and crafting, there are times that I really feel fed up of the repetition it goes into making the same designs over and over again.

DIY blogging is a lot more exhilarating in that sense. You put all your creativity to make something beautiful ONCE. No need to split that creativity in 100 pieces.

Anyway! My point is that SKILLSHARE gave me the opportunity to channel the DIYer inside me again and I'm very happy about that!
I did a tutorial video of how to simply transfer images on fabric easily :)

You can customize anything you want -- from pillows and bags to clothes and napkins!
Let your imagination and creativity go crazy and have fun!!

Oh and the best part is that the results are perfectly washable too!

One last thing; my tutorial is open to skillshare members only BUT I have an awesome offer for you.
If you click here you will receive TWO WHOLE MONTHS fo' freeee & you're free to cancel anytime within that period SO you can just watch the hell our of the Premium videos online for two months and then unsubscribe.
No harm whatsoever to try it out, right??

See you there <3

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