DIY :: Cement Letter

Incredibly in love with cement! The last couple of weeks I was trying to develop this project but unfortunately I didn't have much luck. Mariana had told me several times that she likes 3d letters. I have the A & J wooden letters, so we thought it was a good idea to make them out of wood. But then I thought that cement would make a great material too! So, after an unsuccessful try, I made it, with a loooooot of help from Antigone

We used cardboard to make the molds and we wrapped it with a lot of tape to make sure it won't leak. 

Make the cement according to the instructions, put into the mold and let dry overnight. Be careful when removing the mold cause there is a possibility to break it! 

Let me know if you make anything similar, maybe you have a bunch of better ideas!! 
xo Anna-Rosa


  1. Einai teleio!!!

    euxaristw polu koritsi mou!!!!!!!!!!!
    S agapaw!!!!!

  2. Oh wow, what a cool idea! I want to do this for my yard!
    Jillian -