DIY | Golden Clay Napkin Rings

As I promised, there will be mostly holiday oriented projects around here...and a lot of spray-painting. :) Today, I'm sharing a quite easy tutorial on how to add a little bit more sparkle to your Christmas tablescape this year. Actually this is one, out of a small series of diys pertained to Christmas dinner decoration. 
While I was thinking about the details that make a dinner tablescape amazing, I realized how important napkin rings are. After some serious thought, I decided to make a bunch of really simple, industrial and yet gold (=sparkling), napkin rings to match with my, as usual, white napkins, tablecloth and of course dishes.  

The instructions are really simple. You will just need some air-drying clay, a rolling pin, a plastic bottle lid (I used one from a water bottle), a cutter or knife, a piece of sand paper and...of course spray-paint! Merely, after cutting your rings, let them dry completely before doing anything else, cause they might break. Then sand gently the rough edges down and paint them!  
Look, I made a little tutorial .gif too!!! Isn't it cute?? I hope it helps :)
I just skipped the sanding down part, which I think is actually pretty easy. 

So?? What do you think? Aren't they pretty? And Christmasy enough...?

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