DIY | Paper Ornaments


While Christmas is almost around the corner (only one month left), most of you must have already started thinking about decoration. I know I have. However, many feel it is quite soon to start decorating the house with all the glamorous and sparkling Christmas ornaments most have. Well there is a silver lining between being way-too-early-celebrater and kind of a-healthy-anticipater. And this lining is called monochromatic minimal paper ornaments that don't shout Christmas right away but certainly give a certain HolidayIsComing-touch. 

Materials needed:
6 paper sheet of the color and size of your choice.
glue stick
twine, thread or ribbon 

Steps to follow:
1. fold each paper in half.
2. design the half of the shape you want - be careful to draw it with the big side on the middle of the paper
3. repeat until you have six same shapes folded in half.
4. glue each right side with the left side of the next sheet.
5. before gluing the last two sides, line the thread with the center of the ornament and then glue them together. 

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