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Hello guys!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was by far one of my favorites, since my oldest brother got married on Saturday at the beautiful island of Andros. This diy idea came to me on Friday, when i was at the pre-wedding party, where I wore a couple of big statement earrings. When I was younger I used to wear big earrings all the time but after high school I kinda switched to wearing big necklaces instead. However, lately that earring-love came back and here I am posting a tutorial on how to make your own big tassel earring pairs.

As you can see on the photos it is actually really simple to make these earrings. You will need only some scrap fabric lines, earring findings with medium sized jump rings and some waxed cord to bind them. Here is a weird selfie of me wearing them. I had to take the photo by myself since no one was around at the moment but I think you get the idea :)

Happy DIYing!!

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