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Well apparently lately I've been going through a major change period. Ok I'm a bit exaggerating but seriously I'm trying to change a couple of things in my life. Clearly inspired by Caroline and her minimal lifestyle, I decided to get rid of half of my closet and re-evaluate my whole style. In addition to that I'm trying to adopt a new face care routine, avoiding chemicals and cheap products. I'll be sharing more about that soon - after I test that the things I do work. 

Meanwhile, a very kind girl from a Greek lifestyle site got in touch with me, asking if I would be interested in contributing in their DIY section with a post. Needless to say I literally screamed YEEEES!! Ok, exaggerating - again. But I was totally into it. After all it is like forever since I shared my last DIY project and I needed a push!

So when I started brainstorming about my upcoming post I realized that I could really use a hanger in my bedroom. Even if I have no plans for the day whatsoever, I go out at least twice a day for walking my dog, which leads to never actually putting my jacket and scarf back in the closet. And it really comes in handy to have somewhere to hang these things, without making the room messy. So I decided to make a minimal hanger. It works really great as a belt or scarf hanger inside the closet door. Right?

See the step by step instructions after the jump...

The instructions are really simple and the materials really few so I'm sure it won't take you more than 30mins to make your own hanger. No special skills needed, which is great when it comes to DIYing. 

Materials: 2 leather stripes ( 4cm wide and 70cm long) | 4 nails | threat and needle | copper tube ( 70cm long for a normal door) 

Instructions: first fold and sew one end of each stripe at around 3cm | then measure 10cm of each end of the door and nail the stripes | pass the tube through the holes and.... TA DA!!

easy right? 

and for the greek readers there is a greek version here 

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