Mark Rothko Wallpaper


After trying to figure out how to start a post after two months of absence I realized that there's not much to say when your post is a wallpaper. Well, the truth is I've been quite busy this academic year, working on my graduate thesis project and applying for master programs for next year, so there is not much of a time left for blogging. But I really love this place and be sure, I won't abandon it :)

Anyway, I had this talk with my gradpa yesterday about all these artists that have been known for their minimal and yet great contribution to art history, like Rothko and Pollock. Well, my grandpa believes that it is unfair to deem them as great as artists like Dali or Van Gogh but I couldn't disagree more..

So, after my little, fruitful talk with him I came across this quote that I truly liked and made me smile for a whole bunch of  reasons. And then I decided it was high time to share some bits and pieces with you guys. Well, here I am... and if you like the wallpaper and/or the quote here it is in three different colors as well.

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