DIY pyramid candle *


I spent the past week thinking ways to make small pyramids for my home. I tried to make some with clay but I don't really have this kind of skill I guess. One day I went to Antigone's home and I saw some candles she was making! And then I had this idea!! With some (much actually) help -song- from Antigone and Mariana, I now have this beautiful candle! So if you want to make it too follow the instructions below. 

You 'll need :: paraffin, cardboard triangular pieces (3 sides + base) and same sized pieces of baking sheet, rope wick, color (pastel or wax crayons), insulating tape, some oil and a small pot.

How to :: glue the baking sheet on the cardboard pieces. Then glue the three sides of them, so they  make a pyramid, using the insulating tape [use a lot of tape to make sure the hot paraffin is not going to  leak]. Then pass the rope wick through the top vertex. make a hole on the base and pass the rope through there too (picture 4). Melt the paraffin in the pot and add as much color you want -if you want the color to be intense make sure you add enough color. BE CAREFUL IT IS REALLY HOT AND COULD CAUSE FIRE IF YOU LEAVE IT  WITHOUT SUPERVISION. Before you pour the melted paraffin into the mold, coat the inner mold with oil so that the paraffin won't stuck on the sides when dried. Pour the liquid candle into the mold and carefully stabilize the mold upside-down in a mug. For better results you can leave it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. 

Hope you enjoy making it. I 'd love to see your results *

Anna-Rosa xxx


  1. WOW fantastic idea!!

  2. Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing


  3. You can also make a net of a pyramid out of cardboard or any other prism and use this as a candle mould.