To travel is to live


Well it is not long ago since I came back from my Eurotrip and yet here I am craving for my next getaway. Obviously influenced by Pinterest and my "Places" board I keep dreaming about roadtrips and exotic places all over the world. I guess some people just have this traveling urge inside them. And I'm pretty sure I'm one of those. If only I could afford more trips. But I shouldn't complain at all. If I count my trips during the last years it seems I've managed to travel at least twice a year. Which is pretty decent I suppose. 

Now the next goal is to actually go to more countries. For some reason I keep revisiting places. Like London, Paris or Istanbul. Oh and Italy! I've been so many times to Italy, it is crazy. And I will go again in two weeks. Anyway.. 
The feeling you get when traveling, meeting new people and places, different cultures and traditions, tasting weird flavors and listening to unknown languages is so amazing. I could really live on traveling. 


In other news, I'm literally busier than ever. Working on my portfolio and thesis project in order to apply for master programs for next year has been all I've been doing lately. And although it is a really creative process, it undoubtedly is extremely exhausting as well. Let's hope all this effort will pay off eventually :) 

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