The one about Stripes *

That is me! In front of a colourful striped wall -Portobello Rd, London.
The reason my smile is so big is because I love stripes!!! Specially colourful ones!
I thought I should to warn you, cause there will be many many stripes to come!
As you obviously can see my header!
Here are a few striped things I have and love!

This is one of the the two sofas I have! Both are striped (ok, don't think I'm 
crazy!). This is my favorite though cause it's kind of old and has a vintage look I really like! Also, here is Booky (right) and my mothers dog (Simba), taking a nap on it!

Here is Orpheus! He is a 6 month old puppy I found sleeping in front of my door  five months ago! He was pretty sick, dirty and homeless. And I couldn't let him go! So I decided to keep him and try to find a home for him! Which I did!! And now he's very happy and healthy!
Anyway, as you can see he's sitting on my beautiful striped blanket (aka braided from a friends Cyprian grandmother-he  definitely mustn’t  see this photo!) I had this winter on my bed! 

As you can see my striped-collection continues! Here is my hall ikea rug! You probably have seen it already many times through the internet! But I love it! 

Now this is one of my favorites! I bought this bag this April from London! There was a little store at Notting Hill with Indian stuff! It was love at first sight! A friend of mine took this photo while pic-nicing on 1st of May.

I made Red-Velvet cupcakes for our pic-nic! This one is a bit melted... But as you can see the paper is also striped!

My lemonade glass bottles are striped too!

This is not mine obviously! But, I even like candies more when they are lined up in front of a striped wall!

As you read my posts you 'll realise I'm totaly in love with colors and stripes!


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