The one about Decisions *

This time of the year is all about decisions. Just finished with my exams and getting ready to start my new semester. A new semester means, new subjects, projects and partners! A lot of decisions to be made whatsoever. And I 've always been a very bad decision maker. Yesterday I had pains in my stomach, when I had to face some of them. But I 'm proud to announce I made it and got through it sound and safe. I know, for some of you guys, decision making is much easier and probably you don't get my vibe right now. But for those of you who have hard time when it comes to decisions there are some tips you could use. 
1. rock paper scissors :: not much to explain. Set an answer for each hand!
2. dice :: there are many ways to use them. For example, you choose the one with the highest score etc
3. you act like a mature and adult person and consider pros and cons and all the stuff an adult should do!

I totally go for 1 and 2 ;) Ok, kidding! 

Anna-Rosa xxx


  1. They say that flipping the coin works best for decision making (it is while the coin is in the air that you actually know what you want!)
    Kali arxi sto neo eksamino =) xoxo

    1. σωστά! είναι και το νόμισμα.. :) ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ !