a DIY box project *


I thought that my first DIY project post should be something related to the title. So I chose to make a box! It’s nothing special actually. It just works really well for organising things. A very simple but still interesting idea.

You’ll need a piece of cardboard [dim. 105x75cm] and eight pieces of twine [60cm each]. Then you divide your cardboard in six equal parts [should make 35x37.5cm each]. You consider one of them as a base and you trim it to 35x35cm. Next step is making holes. I used a hole puncher I have, but you can use whatever you have instead. Choose a color you like and brush it, or buy a nice cardboard before hand -which is a bit better I guess. Last step, pass the twine through the holes, so that you make an X. 

That’s all folks!
Hope you enjoyed it!


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