July is here already !

How on earth is it July already? Time goes by so fast. One day you're dying eggs on Easter time and then suddenly it's July and you've had only one bath in the sea. I mean, we have to do something with time guys!!
Anyway, in other news, I have lot of studying and reading waiting for me, since I took the weekend off from everything. I'm also working on some seriously nice stuff for the blog. I had a very nice meeting with someone who's going to work with me on the design and I'm really excited! I can't wait to see what are we going to do! BUT I have to be patient cause I have this research program  I was telling you about, on the 16th, and a lot of work to do for it till then! 
So have a great July guys! And if you're in Greece swim a lot please!!! Cause I don't and someone has to instead of me :( 
Love! xxx

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  1. super happy I found your blog through Charlotte :) new follower on bloglovin