The Perks of Being an Early Riser


– early riser is a person who gets up early in the morning –

Well, let’s talk about sleep, shall we? Or rather not sleeping in. It is wide known that many people enjoy staying in bed forever. Also, many people are night owls, meaning that they prefer staying up late hours rather than waking up early in the morning. Despite of being productive though or just enjoying the feeling of your bed linens, there are several benefits of being an early riser. Let’s narrow down the reasons you should become an early riser yourself. 
  • you get to see the sunrisewell that is romantic, right? who doesn’t love the magic sky colors of a beautiful sunrise?
  • you get to eat two breakfasts(!): since you’re waking up really early, around 3-4 hours later it will still  be morning but you’ll most probably be hungry. SO…who forbids you to have a second breakfast? After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day -LET’S DOUBLE IT *win*
  • you get to have your house for your own: at least for a few moments. If you are the early riser of the house you get to spend some quality time with your precious self without worrying about __________ (fill in your situation, i.e. kids, husband, boyfriend, parents, roommates etc)
  • you will have more time to exercise: studies have shown that people who exercise after work are more likely to skip workouts. Therefore waking up early gives you time to workout before starting your day
  • you will improve your quality of sleep:  early risers usually have a very healthy and well established sleeping routine, fact that leads to resting better while sleeping. Studies have shown that night owls need more hours to actually rest.
  • waking up early gives you a head start: If you wake up earlier than the majority of people you have plenty of time to schedule your day, get informed properly and therefore be more forward thinking and proactive than your colleagues/classmates/coworkers. 
  • you’ll be more productive all day long: the aforementioned head start leads to the need and urge to keep your productivity flowing throughout the whole day
  • you’ll never be late again: waking up early will make you schedule your day better
After all, waking up early lengthens the day ­čÖé
What do you think? Would becoming an early riser be something that you’d be interested in? 

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