As I told you on my last post, I plan on moving to the Netherlands by the end of the summer on 1st of August. Truth to be told, I don't know exactly what I'll be doing but I feel it is the right time to have this experience in my life.

Anyway, many times during our conversations with A. about me moving there, I can't help but think that I've been living by my own for 7 years now, always in extra spacious places. And then, when I picture my life in the Netherlands I realize that we will probably live in a way smaller house than the one i have now and with way less room for working.

When I came across WeWork, a coworking company, I was inspired to post about my work space and  all the little features of my studio that make the difference for me -and probably I'll miss a tone when abroad. WeWork is a lovely community that helps creative people work in amazingly friendly and beautiful environments by providing lovely spaces in a handful of locations all around the world. Well, i'm checking out Amsterdam soon ;)

Well, I am lucky enough to own an apartment so I have relatively more room for myself. Therefore, where there should be a living room, I have my workplace. I chose a big, 4m long, working table, that -let's be honest- works perfectly as a dining table as well. The best part of it is that it is so long that I can easily divide it into different working areas. As you know, my first occupation is architecture. Then I am a jewelry designer and somewhere in between -not so much lately- I am a blogger. Having a working place like that helps me keep things in order without flipping out. The left side belongs to jewelry making. The right side to architecture. And in between everything else. If I have someone over for work, this is his spot. If I'm working on a separate project for the blog, it belongs there. 

Another important feature, that's not pictured above, is a little sofa I have. Mostly used as my dogs spot, but it gives a more "hommie" and cozy aspect to the space and many times if I need to relax i just take my laptop and move my business there for a while ;)

However, other than the left side of the table that's full of ropes, copper pieces and materials for my jewelry, the rest of the room is rather architectural. I have four bookcases full of architecture books and four big b&w framed posters with the works of the most famous architects.

Anyway, I believe that the space people work in is really important and can have a great impact on the quality of their work as well as their psychology. So, the fact that WeWork provides spaces like that is at least reassuring and inspiring. 

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