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So, that's something I had waited for a long long time. Every year since I started blogging I miss the Halloween period and every year I feel that I'm left miles behind. Let's face it, Halloween is one of the most creative phases, when it comes to DIY blogging. And here I am this year AGAIN losing Halloween. As I told you on my latest post, I'm going to spend a good couple of weeks in Europe, so I'll be back officially on November again. 

The good news are that when I leave there will be a lot of nice surprises to keep you updated. But don't hurry guys, I won't be leaving for the next ten days

So, obviously this post is my way of halloween-ing this year, along with all the bloggers out there. And even though it's not a DIY or recipe post, I'm so so happy I just posted something halloweenish!!! OMG I just realized how geeky that sounded :) Anyway, I might find time to post one more spooky post before I leave, let's hope I will!! FYI, if I do, it will be glittery and fabulous. Yay!

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