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recipe partly adapted from here | illustration made by me

As you can see I'm totally diving into fall. The other day I showed you my go-to fall outfit and now I'm here to share with you my go-to fall beverage recipe. I don't know about you but when it comes to cold days there is no other drinks but hot chocolates and coffees in my mind. And the combination of those two as well. But let's not run ahead so quickly. 

So, here it is, the best and easiest homemade hot chocolate recipe you will ever find. And because the credits are not mine to take, it is adapted from the one and only Martha Stewart and found here. After trying it a million times though I'm absolutely positive that I like it more when the cocoa and sugar proportions are equal, instead of sugar being almost 50% more than the cocoa proportion. However it is totally up to you and your sweet tooth. 

The cool thing with this recipe is that you make the cocoa mixture and save it for as long as you want. And when it's time to serve a delicious cup of hot chocolate you only need a cup of milk to warm! How amazing is that?

When it comes to serving, I love to add some chocolate sprinkles on top of it or some whipped cream as well. Yummy yummy :) So mouth watering.. 

And because, as I already told you, this is my go-to beverage recipe during fall and winter I designed a mug especially for it!! I thought it would be super cute to have a nice mug reminding me of my favorite drink every time I open my kitchen cabinet. Plus, we all have our favorite coffee mug, right? Why not having a favorite custom hot chocolate mug as well? hehe, I love it !

And if you are into customizing mugs too, not only by adding favorite recipes, but also by adding photos or cute quotes on them, check out the lovely TINY PRINTS shop. You will find dozens of designs and I'm sure you'll have a blast designing your own mug. I sure did! And if you make one yourself I'd love to see your creation. 

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