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Guys is it Friday already? Wow, this week passed by like hell. I already started studying for my last exams (yay!) that start next week and it only seems yesterday when it was Monday and I had sooo many things to do. One of them was to post this diy but I guess I got a bit distracted by all the architecture history details I have to absorb by Tuesday. 
So the last post of this crazy week is little diy project that I came up while watching Suits (anyone else watching?). This summer I bought two long t-shirt dresses, one black and one beige. And although I'm quite tall, I had to shorten them. Well, by shortening them I mean just cutting them, because it is t-shirt so who minds to sew afterwards, right? ;) Anyway, the point is that I was left with a few t-shirt stripes that looked to good to just throw away. So I started braiding. And then wrapping and then sewing. And the point is that it is pretty easy to make these coasters.

Since, as I told you, I made them while watching series, I didn't bother to take pictures of the whole process so now I don't have to show you a step-by-step tutorial. Unfortunately. But, while writing this post I thought that it wouldn't be difficult to find a couple of similar projects on the web -because if I thought it, someone else did too and maybe he took pictures! And of course not only I'm not the only one....but there a million of people that thought the exact same thing! Ha! And there are also a few who actually made a rug with t-shirt yarn, wow right? 

If you are interested in making them here are two tutorials I found that seem great.
The first one shows the exact step-by-step process I did too, BUT I found another one too that doesn't need sewing and now I feel a bit stupid that I didn't do that. <3

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