myLifebox going Etsy | Opening Announcement

Remember this post?? So, finally I got to open my little Etsy shop and I'm very excited! I still have a lot of work to do, so please note that some photos have to be retaken. I even want to add some extra pieces in my collection. But, if I wait to do everything perfect before opening my shop, you will have to wait for ages. Sometimes we just have to let our perfectionism go, right?

When I was in Athens, I showed my jewelry to an amazing woman who owns an amazing shop (and with amazing I mean...a shop that sells Acne for example) and she bought four of my pieces wholesale for her shop. That was a great honor for me and I immediately knew that I had to open my Etsy shop as soon as possible. Two days ago I opened my shop without saying anything to my friends or family. I did it only to see how my pieces look when displayed on Etsy and to figure out some payment details etc. I could not believe in my eyes when the first order came up! And now I have another one too! So, I think it is only for the best to open my shop, even without everything ready, and hope that you will understand that some little details are still under construction :) 

And now....if you want to check my designs out (drum roll......) click here or just search myLifebox on Etsy
I would love to know what you think!! Your opinion means the world to me :) 

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