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Lately I've been lacking inspiration. I don't know about you, but when I feel uninspired I feel kind of useless too. The past two days the weather was extremely bad and I have to admit that didn't help at all. I couldn't take photos -even if I had something to show you- nor do anything at all in fact. Anyway, last night when I was walking my dog, all layered up, I noticed some broken branches. Probably they broke off due to the wind.  And then...hooray...I had an idea! i took the branches with me and used them to decorate my house. So, I spray-painted them gold!! I know, I've warned you already a couple of times..I'll be spray-painting almost everything this year!
Anyway. I put the branches in a vase and hung some minimal ornaments from them. if you want you can check the tutorial on how to make these ornaments here. Since i used such an earthy element I didn't want to make it too sparkling etc. Therefore i chose this "farm" twine to hung the ornaments from. 
Hope you like the result.. And more to come with findings from my walk with my dog..!

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