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Latrina (Of Trees and hues) and Hanna (Hanna's Place) came up with this enormously sweet idea. They created a monthly column, called How We Do, where they and whoever blogger wants, get to describe how they do a certain thing. To start with, they chose a very nice topic, titled "A Perfect December Day".
Since I've already read their ideal days, which actually seem perfect, I'll try to describe mine too :)

I remember my younger self waiting eagerly for December to come. December was always my family's favorite month, since five of us have our name-days and we used to celebrate them all together, throwing a huge dinner/party at my grandmas house. And then Christmas of course!! Who can not be excited about Christmas anyway? 
Traditions and things in general changed over years, but i still wait for December to come every year! Maybe for totally different reasons, maybe for no reason at all, but December will always be one my favorite months. What is not to like about it after all? The weather is amazing (especially if you love layering up) and most people are smiling!! 
Anyway...if I had to choose one specific December day, it would definitely be Sunday. So let's imagine it's a beautiful winter Sunday morning for a moment, shall we? That would include snowing, or at least very cold weather, but with some hints of sun every now and then. You know, just enough to make you smile. :)
I picture my self waking up in my fluffy white sheets, with Booky (my dog) still sleeping by my side, in my warm Christmassy home. After snuggling in bed for half an hour, or so, I finally go to the kitchen and make some coffee and a breakfast full of colorful fruit and cookies!
One of the things I enjoy during winter, is walking with my dog. So after finishing my breakfast I drive to the woods accompanied by Booky and wander! I feel so peaceful when in the woods, or the beach. Especially in the winter!
After my walk I'm ready to meet some friends to have lunch. I invite them home, to cook, while listening, dancing and singing to loud (Christmas) music!! We make delicious eats and treats and after having our lunch we watch all together "Love Actually" for the hundredth time. It is kind if a tradition :) I absolutely love Hugh Grants dance scene!! Sigh! After watching the movie, we probably play board games. I love playing board games with friends!! We always laugh sooo hard, even though I lose all the time!!! 
When my friends leave, it is already dark outside and I have to walk Booky again. We go for a small walk at the park and when we get back home I make a nice cup of tea and sit at my desk. Sitting at my desk is something I do every single day, even if i don't have work to do. it is like a ritual to me. I might have some gifts to wrap, or I might just sit and think while doodling on a piece of paper. It doesn't matter as long as i sit there for a little time to re-evaluate and think.. The day ends with a hot bath and some book reading in bed!

I know, most of you have totally different ideal days in mind. But since I'm kind of a loner at the moment, I cannot think of a better December Sunday. Thank you very much for sticking with me and reading my words :) If you want to play along, feel free...just visit one of the girls blogs and see how :)

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