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I was looking for a Christmas recipe to share but, not something difficult and demanding. I just wanted something to look a bit christmassy. And these cute beetroot bites are just that! Red, white and green, the dominant Christmas colors all in one little bite. I have to admit that the idea came to me after seeing this recipe on Fork and Flower blog. I loved the idea of making a wintery caprese salad so I tried to make one too, with different ingredients. Scarlett's salad was sweeter in some kind of way, but mine is a bit sour.
I love it cause it can be served as an appetizer, it looks amazing and has a great taste as well!

if you want to make these cute little bites, you will need only a few ingredients. Basically, beetroots, yogurt and capers. Firstly, you will have to cook the beetroots. Many super-markets sell pre-cooked beetroots but you can do whatever works best for you. After cooking them, let them cool for a while and then slice the them horizontally. Arrange the slices on a plate. Then you will have to add some yogurt on top of every slice. I chose to use a pastry bag, to make it look more festive! of course you can just use a spoon if you want. Garnish with a handful of capers and then drizzle over some olive oil and maybe some balsamic vinegar if you like it. Ready to serve!!

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