Foodie Weekend Round-Up

hello hello my lovely friends. I know i've been a bit off lately, but many things are going on and my head has been all over the place! the good news are that my sister in law delivered her baby and now I have a teeny tiny niece to love as well!! That means I'm in Athens again, since I want to be with my family more than ever, to embrace our little's life. Moving to Athens for the month though made my life messier than ever. I had to bring all the stuff I need for my jewelry with me plus clothes, books and many more things I use on a daily basis. Anyway, the important thing is I get to be with my friends and family and I really love that.
So, the point of me saying all these is that I don't have enough time to spend on cooking, DIYing and photo shooting. Therefore I chose to share with you my favorite food blogs. Because, even though I try to cook and then have the courage to share my recipes with you, I hardly consider my blog a food one. I just like to share with you my cooking experiences :) On the contrary, the blogs I introduce you to today, are really good food blogs. And I really admire the people behind them. Please take a look yourself to be convinced!

Happy Weekend :) See you on Monday!

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