DIY Can Pencil Holder


I have to admit I love easy and yet beautiful diys. This one is definitely one of the easiest projects I've ever done. But who doesn't want to be done in a few minutes having a great result? 
You can imagine, as an architecture student, my desk is full of markers, pencils, pens etc. I never had the chance to buy many pencil holders that look good together. So I ended up using old mugs. At some point I noticed I was almost obsessed with collecting cans but I was using them mostly as pots for my plants. Then I stumbled upon some photos on pinterest with sprayed cans. I forgot to tell you how obsessed I am with spraying too. So in case you collect -for some strange reason- cans too, this diy is a great way to organize your desk.
You'll need empty and clean cans, spray (I used a black-matte version) and ...that's all! Happy spraying y'all! xxx


  1. While the whole DIY blogsophere goes shiny, glittery, you are back to matte. I love it! This is great for minimal decoration

  2. Btw, your Pinterest boards are so amazing. I'm addicted now :)

    1. Thanks a lot girl! For both compliments ;) I love matte and I have to admit I'm not a glittery person.. So i love you like it too :)