DIY Painted Ceramic Planters

Another easy to make project for your home.
I love ceramic planters so I bought these two for my small cactuses and painted them. I used acrylic paint cause it dries really quick and no matter how many layers of paint you use, the ceramic texture always shows a bit! So, first I painted the outer surface and then I chose an old brush to make the effect on the white one. Most of the brushes hair were stuck together so the result was the one you see. Then I did the same for the inner part. TA- DA! 
Of course you can paint them however you want. Another great idea would be to make patterns, like dots or chevron etc. 
If you do anything, I'd love to see it! let me know! xxx


  1. I love ceramics pots!!! I like very much how you painted them ;) I painted some of my plastic pots (I don t like plastic ones, but I have many, many flowers)

    1. I know, I have the same problem with plastic pots! I use twine to wrap them usually, but I never painted a plastic pot before..sure I'll try that too! :) nice idea