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[the only tidy-ish corner around here, and that's because you don't see the floor]

I'm way busier than I planned to be these days. My final exams are coming up next week. I didn't see that coming, since I'm a terrible loafer and didn't realize it's not holidays anymore!! grrr.. My home is a mess, my suitcase is still full and my refrigerator empty... John is coming tomorrow morning and hopefully he'll help me a bit, or not -he is the worst procrastinator ever! In any case, I'm so excited he 's coming back too. In Athens we didn't have the chance to enjoy each other. Of course he's a sweetie and he was coming with me at all the family dinners I had to go, but that doesn't mean I actually enjoyed him!! Ok, I have to admit that I'm also a bit excited cause he'll bring my new ikea goodies with him! I can't wait to find a place for my new bekvam stairs (perhaps near my bed is good idea). 
Have a great rest of the week!
Love xoxo

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