DIY Heart Stamp


The idea for this cute and far easier than all the other diys I've ever done, heart stamp came to me just an hour ago! I was having my lunch in the kitchen and I realized that this styrofoam from my chicken fillets package is perfect for a quick stamp! I remember when I was younger that I used to carve the sides of this kind of styrofoam plates with my nails.. So I went to my desk and made this one!Took me about 5mins. You'll just need a styrofoam plate and a pencil...
easy enough? 

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  1. Σωστή! Φαντάζομαι τις άπειρες δυνατότητες με αυτό το υλικό. Thanks κοπελιά για την ωραία σου ιδέα =)
    Φιλιά από το βροχερό Ηράκλειο