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First things come first, so I'm kinda obliged to share Jannekes guest post first, since she's the first who responded to my email asking help keeping my blog updated this week. Janneke (aka Johanna) is my best best best friend.. we grew up together playing in her garden, so you can imagine how close we are. She's literally the biggest part of my chilhood and I adore her for being there eversince. She's kinda my alter-ego, or my big sister or something. In short, I love her very much! Enjoy her recipe! 

I, like some, like it hot, and therefore one of my favorite things in the world is ginger! With this recipe you will end up with sugar-coated ginger slithers, perfect for nibbling with coffee, or for further using in (or on top of) cakes, biscuits or chocolate bars.. I, for example LOVE diping these half way through dark chocolate.. You will also end up with a ginger flavoured syrup, which again, can be used in basically anything (for example in frosting for cupcakes, or even for making hot ginger tea, or coctails!). Basically, its up to your imagination..

Fresh ginger
Dark brown sugar (in the same amount as ginger)
Water (approximetly thrice the amount of ginger)
Lemon (a few drops)

First of all, peel the ginger and slice thinly making matchstick-like pieces (ginger can be overwelming in big doses, so be carefull). Then put in a pan and cover with water and brown sugar(the brownest, stickiest sugar you can get the better the flavour and colour!). Bring slowly to the boil and wait until the syrup has set. That will be when the water level has gone notably down, but also when the bubbles seem to be more angular than round (I know I sound crazy..but that genuinly happens!). To check, take a glass of cold water and spill a drop of syrup in it, and if the drop does not dissolve, but rather stays intact, its ready! Last but not least squeeze some lemon juice in, so that the syrup does not crystallize in time, but stays liquid and clear.
After all this, put a sieve ontop of a bowl, and poor the ginger bits and syrup, and leave overnight to drain. In the morning, arrange the ginger slices on some greaseproof paper and sprinkle generously with regular white sugar. Leave this for another day or so, and the crystallized ginger is ready for consumption! As for the syrup, store in a glass jar for further use. 

Love, Janneke

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