Sneak peek :: IKEA Collection 2013 *

While we are still thinking in some innovative interior decoration ideas for this summer, IKEA is already presenting its 2013 collection of furniture & home accessories. The new 2013 collection from IKEA which includes furniture, linen and decorative accessories is characterized by some special features; IKEA 2013 furniture fabrics are very distinguished with its original designs; romantic, ethnic, contemporary and pop. 

I don't know about you, but  I'm thrilled to bits about IKEAs new collection!I totaly want all the new pieces right now,right here. I even feel I need them sometimes. I'm counting the days till I go to the IKEA store in Athens, when the 2013 collection is released. You know,to take a look at all this cool new stuff and write down what I want, with the little cute ikea pencil-which I take with me everytime, ending up with dozens of them around my place.

IKEA totaly is taking the inspiration one step further by being alive with smart ideas, fun stories and beautiful products on your smartphone. Isn't it great? Watch this video, about the new IKEA catalog App for smartphones or tablets.
I can't wait to download it!


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