Happy Sunday *

Happy Sunday everyone!!

This is the perfect day to take a walk in your city! 
Take pictures of it! Observe all its flaws and try to love them! You know, even the ugly buildings or the old ones. Everything that constitute your city's personality! It's so nice to love your hometown or the city you live for the past few years! It's part of your everyday life. And cities  build relationships with their residents. 

So work on that! 

The thing I love about my city, even my neighborhood, is the intimacy I feel during the year with people round here. When I walk my dog every morning I collect almost  ten"Goodmorning Anna-Rosa" and the half of them are turning into a conversation after a while! It's so overwhelming! I like when people are open and companionable.

I don't know how do you feel about that! You might love the quietness of your city and your privacy perhaps. An more 
impersonal point of view. 
Everything is possible and that's what makes cities different and unique.

Another thing I love about Chania is I always find something new that I
have never seen

 or heard before. It's like it keeps little secrets and reveals them slowly slowly, so you never get bored. 
What about your city? Do you feel like you know everything already about it?
I certainly don't! 

Have a great Sunday!


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