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The truth is I'm yearning for some more summer cause unfortunately I didn't have the chance to fully enjoy this one. But it's high time to get back to serious business blog- and study- wise. So, as much as I hate to say this, goodbye summer, till the next time! Nevertheless, I cant' wait to see what autumn and winter have in store for me. I like to consider September as a new beginning, similar to new years for example. Maybe because I'm a student..but it always feels more natural to me start over after summer. Anyway, this year is going to be all about my thesis and studying etc.. But I'm planning to post much more around here and work hard for this blog to unfold and develop it's style and content. 
Till next time guys! xoxo

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  1. I feel exactly the same about September and this year, I can't wait for it to come!
    Anyway, don't forget that summer pleasures never end in Crete (not until December, at least ;)

  2. Hello Anna-Rosa! I am glad to find another blogger from Crete. I agree with Eleni when she says that summer pleasures never end here in Crete. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I come from Crete and I live in Crete as well. So, good luck with your studies and I hope I see you around!

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