RECIPE | Roasted Tomato Soup w/ Cilantro Crema


Have you heard about RED applications on App store? Well, the basic idea is that  when purchasing a RED application or when buying extra features for existing RED apps in your phone, you help the fight against AIDS. Thoughtful, right? 

While browsing around the app store, like I normally do before bed, I stumbled upon this great cooking app. I have to admit I've downloaded several of them and I always end up deleting them after a couple of months they go unused. But this time it was different. 

Kitchen Stories is a very user friendly app, with a great clean interface that allows you to spend hours reading recipes without getting bored. Of course now that the RED campaign is on, everything is red, but Christmas is around the corner so it kinda fits the mood perfectly!

After this introduction, needless to say that this soup is retrieved from the Kitchen Stories application. When I made it I realized how worth buying this app was - not only for the great cause it serves - but in terms of cooking as well!! I'm telling you, this soup is divine. Highly recommended to serve it on this year's Holiday table. 

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