myLifebox + Etsy = Birthday


I cannot believe that's already been a year from the day I launched my Jewelry Collection. It is only like yesterday when I posted this and this here on the blog.

I have to admit I never imagined this day would come. I think it was around early summer when I started having doubts about the shop. Mostly because I'm not a professional or experienced jewelry designer and everything I do is derived from my urge to make things. So it was hard to believe that it would actually work -you know, selling my creations to such amazing women! I always liked fashion and fancy stuff, like most girls anyway. But I could never picture myself involved with it more than just spending half my money on clothes. And yet here I am celebrating my first year as an Etsy seller. A year rather creative and exciting. 

And even after a whole year, every time I hear the notification sound for a new purchase from Etsy my heart beats like the first day. It is amazing. And the idea that my creations are somewhere out there, worn by so many amazing women is so exhilarating. That's why I have to thank all of you for your support, since without you I'd be still making necklaces for me. 

Here's to another creative year :)

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