Christmassy words 2014


Merry Christmas hohoho! How are you people? I hope you are having a great holiday season full with love and smiles. And cakes. And coziness. oh and gifts!! How awesome are gifts? Ha! 

Well I for one am having a lovely christmas period. A bit busier in terms of studying that I'd want to, but it's fine I guess. My boyfriend is finally in town and I can't get enough of him. I can't even think that in one week he'll be gone again. At least he came soon enough to decorate! We had this deal that I would wait for him in order to decorate the tree together. And thank god we did before Christmas. And we used mostly ornaments I've shared here as well. You can find the clay ornaments here and the gold square-rings here (they were napkin rings that this year became ornaments.) And we also used cookie cutters! 
My best friends bought me an instax fujifilm camera and I took many many pictures that were used to decorate some branches as well! 

In other news, I threw a christmas gift-giving dinner two nights ago and we had the best time ever. I had this lovely idea that everyone should bring a small and funny gift to put under the tree in order to randomly exchange with each-other. And actually all of our guests brought amazing gifts. It was by far the best time of the party. 
We also had lovely food. Me and A (my bf) made most of the dishes, but three of my friends helped as well and brought tarts and appetizers too. I was told that everything was delicious - unfortunately I caught a cold and couldn't taste anything!! I actually was cooking without knowing if the food was tasty. Haha! That was definitely a good challenge. But apparently everything went perfectly well.

I wish all of you the best for the upcoming year
Let's see what 2015 has in store for us :) 
Hugs xxx 

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