Farewell 2014


Well it is hard to believe that it is 2015 already. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve with family, loved ones and happy bellies :) I, for one, had a lovely, warm and cozy NYE with A and his family, with a yummy dinner and amazing gifts for everyone! Followed by a long and sweet stay-in-bed-harrypotter-marathon first day of the year that couldn't be more perfect. Needless to say that I'm all fueled up for 2015 and everything it has in store for us. Bring it on baby!!

Well, while I haven't yet sorted out my resolution for this upcoming year, one is for sure, 2014 was one hell of a year - full with all kind of emotions. I really find it hard to believe that it is already over, but when I look back I realize that so many things happened that it's kinda enough. The biggest change I went through is undoubtedly my decision to move back to Athens after a good five-year period spent in Chania. Even though it was weird at first, I have no regrets whatsoever. I love my new apartment and my life here. Then A. came into my life, giving me a lovely summer -and many more- that is hard to forget.

But, besides all my personal stuff, this blog and my jewelry shop developed as well, in ways that I could never imagine. And even though it is evident that I'm no notorious blogger nor this is my basic job, this little niche on the web makes me truly happy. And I want to thank all of you for engaging with it these past year. And for letting me share all sorts of projects or bits of my personal life with you.

Here's to a creative, full with love year!
Thank you 2014 for all the amazing moments you generously gave me.
2015 welcome :)

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