design your dream

hello hello!! 
Now I realize how much I've missed you guys and this blog. This summer has treated me with extra love (if anyone of you is following me on instagram will know how beautiful the places I've visited are) and I feel so fulfilled and ready to get down to business already. I have loads of new ideas written down and hopefully, if I manage my time effectively you'll soon be seeing a lot of new exciting projects over here. 

I know I haven't been around so much lately. Juggling between studies, life, etsy shop and blogging I guess is something I can't do perfectly. However, with a little more effort I think that I will find the balance to do everything. That's why I took this summer off of everything. To relax and reevaluate all my needs and dreams seemed more than necessary and I have to admit that only good things can come out of it.
Let's say that this summer was the time I needed to start designing my dream. (Ha! That's where the quote came from) And it worked actually. 

In other news, a huge thank you to Corina, whom I met last Sunday! I had the chance to meet one of my favorite bloggers which I guess is pretty awesome! She is a huge source of inspiration to me and I look up to her in the best possible way. And guys, believe me, because I know you all love her as much as I do, she is even lovelier in person.. 

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