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The perfect moist and tender chicken has always been an issue for many of us, i know. The truth is I've tried quite a lot of recipes that ensured that the chicken will not dry while cooking. BUT I have to admit after a long long research I did find the simplest and yet most effective way to make your chicken just...perfect! Don't overcook it!! Ok, it's not thaaaat simple not to overcook it but that's the key. Plus some really nice seasoning, olive oil and lemon. That's it! 

First of all, preheat your over to 400F / 200C. Drizzle the chicken with some olive oil and then season it, on both sides, with some salt and pepper. I bought some herb salt from Istanbul last month so I used this but you can use plain salt as well! Squeeze half a lemon on each piece of chicken, either you prefer boneless breasts or legs, and leave the lemon cups in the baking sheet. 
Roast your chicken for 12 mins and then crank up the oven temp to 475F / 250C. Roast for another 15mins, depending on the size of your chicken breasts or legs. The goal is the skin to become golden brown and the lemon juices in the pan to start bubbling and become dark brown. 

Let the chicken cool for 10' and serve it on top of salad leaves dressed with lemon and olive oil!! 
Enjoy ;)

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