Recipe | Love Chocolate on a Stick

Apparently I missed my kitchen more than I thought, so I decided to make something easy and fun to share. Most DIY blogs have already posted a couple of Valentine projects. However, I've never been a valentines-day lover and I actually surprised myself when I had the idea to make Love Chocolates. It's funny to call them Love Chocolates, I think it's kinda cute! But the truth is that the only thing that makes them "love" ones, is their shape, which easily could have been different! In any case, I love my heart shaped molds and I think it will be perfect to make these little treats for your Valentine, in any shape you want! 

You will need // [12 sticks]
-molds (heart shaped or just regular ice-cube molds)
-sticks (mine are from Starbucks...ooopsie!)
-500 gr couverture chocolate
-3 tbsp cream or a stick of butter
-silly, funny, cute and colorful toppings
-and if you are a bit dashing...sprinkle the bites with some sea salt!! (heavenly!!)

How to //
-melt the couverture 
-add the cream or butter and remove from heat
-poor the chocolate into the molds and let cool
-add a stick to each chocolate
-sprinkle and decorate with colorful and happy toppings
*consume* :)

Happy Pre-Valentines Month!!! 

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