Giveaway | Happy Birthday Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard

Hello hello ladies and gentlemen! I've said several times before that my favorite thing about blogging is getting to know all these amazing people around the web and forming beautiful relationships with many of them! This birthday giveaway is the best way to celebrate this lovely aspect of blogging, don't you think? Janee from Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard brought together 32 talented bloggers in order to celebrate her blogs 3rd anniversary and I'm honored to be one of them!
A 400$ gift card that you can choose between Etsy, Amazon, Jet Blue, Target or Tiffany's to spend it! The gift is enormously amazing and only one will win it, so people.....make sure you enter with as many possible ways!!
Of course this lovely giveaway wouldn't be real if the following people hadn't teamed up, so please make sure you check their great blogs below ;)

And let the luckiest win ;)

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