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Hello hello! So today I decided to leave you with a few nice blogs to read for the weekend. The last couple of weeks I was away from my laptop, therefore I had to stay in touch with my daily reads through my iPad. It comes without saying that the blogs I was visiting on daily basis for this certain period, were limited to ten tops.  So I thought it would be nice to share with you which are my favorite blogs so far and why. Of course I cannot write about ten blogs, so I chose my top four!

Most of you already know Jennifer and her stunning blog. It didn’t feel right not to mention amerrymishap though, since it is one of the blogs that made me get involved in blogging myself. Jennifer cannot be described as an ordinary blogger. She mainly posts once or twice a week and her texts are short and concise. Her unique and authentic eye for design though is outstanding and therefore her blog is so widely known. Her pinterest boards as well as her instagram account are to die for and of course, her etsy shop, with her magnificent designs too!

I still remember my first impression for BlogMilk. I found it through amerrymishap blog and the pink background (previous design) caught my eye instantly.  I started following Ana and her posts and it didn’t take long to realize that I had to list it with the rest of my daily reads. Most of all I love the way Ana writes. Her words are really inspiring. She is a really good blogger because she keeps her blog as personal as needed (in my opinion). Her love for all things visual and well-designed is obvious in her posts. Furthermore, she runs one of the most successful web businesses! She and her team design blog themes which are beautiful and affordable at the same time! How cool is that? Unfortunately, I fell in love with one theme from her previous collection and now it’s gone :(

The thing I love the most about Breanna is that she is really diligent. I kind of envy that. In a good way of course.  She has decided what topics she’s interested in and she writes about them in a weekly basis. As a reader I love that because I know that every time I check her blog it will be updated. As a blogger I find her content really inspiring. Especially the be free, lance and the for bloggers series. Another reason I like Breanna’s blog is her ability to keep things simple without being afraid of colors! Her blog’s design is one of the most minimalistic I’ve ever seen and yet her posts are really fresh and colorful! Without even knowing her, I can easily say she is a hard worker and by all means she deserves to be in everyone’s favorite blogs list!

I could write one thousand words only for corinas blog. Cocorrina is definitely one of my top blogs ever. First of all, Corina is Greek which means a lot to me. When I started blogging I was all over the place. Everything happened really fast and I didn’t know what I was doing. Except for Yatzer, I believed that the world wasn’t ready to accept a Greek blogger. Seeing Corinas success is tremendously inspiring. She deserves it though because it is obvious she worked really hard to get here. Her well-designed blog in collaboration with her unique content make her stand out. My favorite fact about her is that she is really true. She writes about her feelings or daily personal life without second thoughts and this is amazing. I also love her ability to write in perfect English! (ok, I’m a bit jealous of that…) Last but not least, her concrete jewels are amazing!!! And you all know how much I love concrete… So what not to like about her? Right?

Which are your top four blogs?? I would love to hear your daily reads!

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