DIY | Concrete Bucket Stool


I proudly declare that I'm one of the biggest fans HomeMade Modern can possibly have. I share the same love for concrete with Ben Uyeda, the founder of HomeMade Modern, and I his tutorials caught my eye within the first mins. The perfect opportunity to use these so well put together tutorials, came when a teacher asked me to make something, anything, useful for my home. The only rule was to show him exactly the steps. I remember he used the IKEA instructions example to give me an idea of what he meant. The truth is I had several ideas before ending up choosing this stool. My first idea was to make a wooden chess. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time or will to make it so then I though I had to make a pinhole camera. I worked on it for almost two months but I never got to finish it. I realize that I have good ideas but most of the times I really struggle to implement them. I'm sure this is a kind of weakness and of course I would prefer not to have it. The messier and quicker the DIY though, the more happy I will be! In short, I finally chose to make this stool and I couldn't be happier with the result. And although Ben uses more concrete in his tutorial, my stool came out really strong too. I'm telling you, you should try to make your own! It will pay off!! 

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