Smitten by:: Kollekt

I've mentioned before how much I like amerrymishapblog, right? And who doesn't? I mean, it's one the top lifestyl-ish blogs right now. I really love Jennifer's aesthetics, and when it comes to interior design, her home is to die for. So when i stumbled upon her (and her husbands-who is really talented too, for those of you unfamiliar with his work) new shop everything fell into place. They clearly have a soft spot for Scandinavian design, so they launched a shop with items from Scandinavia that it is difficult to find in the US. They seem to be really picky, which I like very much, cause they don't offer a huge amount of Scandinavian products, they've just picked several to start with. So if you love Scandinavian design too you should really check their shop out.

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