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Three random pictures from home. Not much about them.

Today I'm heading off to Athens for the holidays! Finally, I can take some days off. My mom called yesterday to announce that this year we are having turkey for christmas (even though we'll be just 5 people) and that I have to find a recipe to make it. It is something like a tradition, every Christmas I'm the one who's cooking for my mother (and the rest). Anyway, any suggestions about what to do with the 6kilo turkey she bought me? I've never cooked a whole , stuffed turkey before.
Anyway, as for the past few days - hectic!! There was a christmas bazaar going on yesterday and I had a million things to do. Fortunately, I managed to make (almost) everything. As you can imagine, my home is a today will be mostly about cleaning and packing.

have a great weekend ;)

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  1. Great third picture! Love the simplicity! I wish you a merry christmas and good luck with the turkey! :-)