Guest Post no3 :: DIY Lightbulb Christmas Ornament

So, Kynthia, I guess as a much more experienced blogger than me, thought of giving herself a small introduction. But I really want to say a few things about her too. I actually met Kynthia last spring. We have been fellow students since 2008, but for some unfortunate reason we didn't hang out a lot before. Since we do though, I have to admit she has become a very close friend of mine (with Antigone too-you'll meet her tomorrow)! I'm very happy and honored I'm hosting a DIY post of hers. Thanks a lot Kynthia!

Hi there! I'm Kynthia from a bit of green, one of Anna Rosa's friends and fellow architecture student. Since the start of November, I'm in a really christmassy mood; this and the suspicious incident that two lightbulbs in my house burned out in the same day led to the following DIY project I'll share with you.

Lightbulb Christmas Ornament

You will need ::
-  one or more burned out lightbulb(s)
-  water soluble colors of your choice
-  a screwdriver and snips
-  a glue gun (Anna, thanks for lending me yours!)
-  some string to hang the lightbulbs

How to ::
Hollow out your lightbulb using the screwdriver and snips (I used this excellent tutorial from teamdroid). Tip: I did it over my sink to minimize the mess.
When you're done, fill the lightbulb with water and squeeze just a little paint inside it. Shake it to see the final colour and add more if needed.
If you are satisfied with the result, take your glue gun and seal the end of the lightbulb with silicone.
Let it cool for a little bit and tie it with a piece of string. Done!

I had no tree to hang my lightbulb on, so I used my lamp instead. :P
I'm seriously considering asking my friends to give me all their burned out lightbulbs until December; a christmas tree decorated with lightbulbs in various shapes and colors will be awesome!


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