Orleander hawk moth * [Happy Sunday]

A year ago my dog, Booky, found this beautiful flying creature on my balcony. She kept barking and barking till she convinced me to go out and see what she had found. Luckily, the orleander was calm enough to stand Bookys bark and it was still there. Actually, it stayed a day or so. I was really impressed by the colors and of course the form of it. I nearly had ever seen a butterfly from so close, I couldn't even imagine to witness something like that, and actually have it for a day! the hardest part was to find what kind of creature it was. Two friends came by to see if they could find the answer, but the only thing they did was taking pictures. Anyway, fortunately after a post on facebook a girl sent me a wikipedia link. And there it was!! 
As I was checking photos and trying to organise my folders I came across this one and I thought it would be really cool to share it with you guys! and of course a great opportunity to practise my photoshop skills, not that I did anything special, but anyway! 
Here it is!

Hope your weekend was nice! Lets have a great week! 


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