Month + Words

I've been meaning to write some things for a while, but I was postponing it cause I wasn't really sure about the way I wanted my thoughts to be shared. The last couple of months, or so, have been hectic. Many things have changed and I'm trying to adjust with everything new or gone. I don't want my blog to become too emotional or personal so I'll share only my blog-thoughts with you. 

When I started this blog, almost a year ago, I remember my self really exited! So exited i stayed up at nights to write down ideas for future posts and projects. Everything was running to fast though. By the time the blog has turned 6-months old, I had already changed the design and content of the blog a couple of times or more. When I was introduced to instagram and pinterest it was something like an apocalypse to me!! I'm serious, even though I know a few people who probably are laughing now, while reading this sentence. You know, one of my biggest decisions when launching this blog, was to write in English. Even though it's not my mother tongue and I'm sure you'll find a bunch of mistakes in my texts. Obviously I took this decision to have the opportunity to expand my audience. That being said, I want to share a  thought that has been in my mind lately. When I chose English over Greek, I thought I was being smart cause the audience would be enormously bigger so the blog would be bigger too etc etc.. So wrong! Trying to fit in the international blogosphere is huge! I mean, seriously, it needs a lot of work. I'm not thinking to change the language I write or something, I'm just saying my thoughts. 

Something more I have been struggling to deal with is my content. I mean, I know I cook, but I'm not an expert, I know I take pictures but certainly I'm not an expert and I know I like diys but I don't like to make things only for the blog, I like to make things I want and I'll use. So, I cannot figure out what to write about regularly. 
I would love to know what you like the most in this blog so I can focus on that!

So, this is too much already! Have a great month and summer guys!! 


  1. i, for one, would love to see more of your photography (:

    xoxo, Oleah

  2. I love your gorgeous personality that shines through so strongly on your blog. You have some fabulous ideas and beautiful style, go with your heart and that which you love and you won't go wrong. I for one am glad you have written your blog in english, I wouldn't be able to read it if it wasn't. Sending you much bliss, Heather xx