Summer * [part 3]

One of the most beautiful things I did this summer was kind of taking part in a very nice event in Kefallonia. The event is called Varkaroles and it's taking place every year 3 to 4 days before 15th August, in Lixouri. It's all about locals singing in their boats while doing rounds in the port and fireworks of course! It's a really nice fest and I'm very glad I was there to see it. I don't excactly  know the reason they re having all this fun though! I asked a local and he told me that it's only 10 years or so that it become a custom. Who knows? The important thing is that it is real fun to be there and watch it.  I was lucky cause my friends uncle had a small boat, so we could join the rest of the fishers and singers, and take closer pictures!! you can also check out more photos here.

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