Birthday Dinner Party - DIY *


I had my birthday on May and I decided to throw a party, as I'm used to. But this time I thought a small, cozy dinner party was the best idea. I used to organise "everyone is invited" kind of parties. But I have to say I'm pretty much over it. So I invited 20 people so I could expect 30 -many people tend to bring someone with them. Considering I'm a student, I didn't want to spent much money on it, so I asked my guests to bring something to support. Below you can see the invitations I made (I used some letter alphabet stamps I bought from London). Unfortunately, I didn't take that many food pictures. The only one I have is the one with the small cake-breads I made. Then we used cupcake papers for shots and straws with soap water to make bubbles! I had placed all over the terrace disposable cameras so everyone could take pictures wearing or holding funny stuff. 
I hope you have a great time organising your dinner party and that you come up with more ideas! I'd love to hear them, so don't be shy and comment.

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